Our inspiration came about through our love of swimming and tri from recreational to competition and coaching. Since we wanted to improve in all aspects from training, coaching, nutrition, exercise, and technique – the quest for information and tools was so hard. Then in 2009 came the first Swim Computer watches and they have revolutionalised the whole way a swimmer on any level can approach swimming and analyse what they are doing – gone has the trainer with the chronometer who can make the stats. These watch computers have empowered you to do programmes, get the real statistical information and concentrate on how to improve.

We swim actively 5-6 times a week; attend many swim meetings home and abroad as part of our duties as Coaches, Swimmers, referees and commercial functions. We swim in competitions and go to swim camps. Last years we have competed in the Masters world and European competitions and participated in Montecristo Marseille open water 5km challenge. Just like all of you 4 the love of swimming

*Buy in confidence; we are suppliers to the National federations of Luxembourg FLNS and Ukraine, as well as many regional swim clubs in Europe*

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