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Shop- To buy your Swimovate watch, Finis Swimsense, Apps + more. It could not be simpler please select your item and place in the shopping cart. Our interest in technological innovation continues with us selling other great swimming products and of course the essentials. Here you can buy the Apps Training plan and Swim databank gold memberships. Our prices are the best as we are based in Luxembourg with the lowest sales and vat rates in Europe.

*Swimovate Computer/Watch Pro or the Basic (**When you buy your Swimovate Computer/Watch with us we will give you free full Gold membership for 6 months**)

*Finis Swim Sense Computer/Watch (**When you buy your Finis Swimsense Computer/Watch with us we will give you free full Gold membership for 6 months**)

*Swim based MP3 players from Finis,

*Swimming products of Finis approx 30-50 articles of their swimming essentials and basics from hats, goggles, fins, pullboys to dry land stretch cords *Sport Count-Triathlete goods - their great finger chrono/lap watches and their fantastic heart-pulse/chrono trainer watches (they are waterproof and fantastic for swimmers)

*Buy in confidence; we are suppliers to the National federations of Luxembourg FLNS and Ukraine, as well as many regional swim clubs in Europe*

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Swim databank

Some clients will wish to manually add their data if they are using a more basic version of the watch/computer we are selling otherwise those using the higher end watches will be able to send the data from a docking station in CSV file format.

Gold – will store their data on the server so you the swimmer can analyse this anywhere, anyplace on your iPhone, laptop, pc–. **When you buy your Swimovate or Finis Swimsense Computer/Watch from us we will give you free full Gold membership for 6 months**

Cost Euro 4.99 a month or 12 months = 10 months, includes automatically free membership of Gold Swim Training Plan. Free trial for 4 weeks*

We are committed to giving you the best prices, quality and service.

Swimming Equipment Delivery Rates

Swim-Trainer iPhone game available soon on the App Store

App 3D iPhone Game: Lastly for the swimmer who wants to train even out of the water the first 3D iPhone game based on the computer watch metrics so that you too can swim in the world championships- We all have to relax and have fun! Watch the trailer **here*** Cost Euro 4.99 on itunes-press the link.

Get the Swim-Trainer game for iPhone