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which swim computer is better
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TOPIC: which swim computer is better

which swim computer is better 7 years, 10 months ago #581

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Welcome Swimmers – We are always asked which watch computer is better.

Here is our honest guide

This is really difficult to answer as the 2 leading watches Swimovate Poolmate Pro and Finis Swimsense both have their advantages and failings.
Luckily our famous Databank App actually correct most of the deficiencies and actually allows you to maximise their data in terms of analysis and also sharing with your coach, fellow swimmers, training partners in any part of the world or our forum.
Both watches can only do analysis on your swim if you are using your arm, when doing prolonged kickwork sets pause your watch
Swimovate Poollmate Pro
This watch is very easy to use
Clear and easy to read the data on the watch
Very easy to use whilst swimming and analyse your data when pausing or resting.
Good for all types but you have to realise its an average and not a micro analysis of each length in the pool
Data on Pc - easy to edit but have to always edit in your stroke type if you wish to analyse by stroke.
Only on Swim-Trainer App can you analyse all your swim history by stroke type
On swimovate to perform data analysis you must use edit function and manually correct stroketype in order to undertake full or partial analysis function.

THE BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Swimovate and Finis is Swimovate users must realize that the data swimovate gives are the averages of the given characteric eg you swim 400m freestyle in a 50m pool. You will see the average number of strokes, speed, efficiency, strokerate etc over the 400m, it does not allow you to see each 50m lap as a separate statistic unless you reset on each lap that will interrupt the set that you choose to swim.

Finis Swimsense. - The review
Finis computer watch is the best for microanalysis because if you want to take apart your swim by each length only this one can do it. So high grade- advance swimmers with coaches really like this watch however there a number of negatives
Finis users have the advantage that Finis allows the swimmer to analyse each part of any given set within the set or session= eg you swim a 400m freestyle set in a 50m pool you will be able to see the given value of each 50m of the 400m set.
The watch when you are swimming is best run from start to finish of programme, pausing is fine but any reset means that instead of swimming 1 training practice with different sessions you will be swimming multiple sessions so impossible to analyse.
Watch is tricky to use needs some practice
Watch has no backlight and is not easy to read in a low lite pool
Watch is very difficult to read the data in the pool whilst swimming it s BIG + POINT is the analysis afterwards
The current server method mean your data is held by Finis and not you
If the computer makes an error count on laps it is impossible to correct-edit yourself you have to email Finis and ask them to do it on your behalf. WE HAVE MADE THE SOLUTION USING OUR DATABANK APP YOU CAN EDIT IMMEADIATELY
FINIS swimsense data only allows you to analyse the sets within a session so if you are like us with months, years of data you want to track this Finis cant do it server. SO we made our Finis Databank App. that means you can compare history easily
Now with this you can really use your Finis Swimsense and look in a micro way to approve sets, routines, training programmes etc
Unique to swim databank is that you are able to edit out false data from your sets and sessions, as your data is on the swim-trainer server.

Finis graphics means that analysis takes place only through the Sessions, as the sets are automatically stored within the session
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