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Swim-Trainer.Com welcomes all swimmers of all levels from the recreational to the professional. We all share one thing and that is 4 the love of swimming and how to get the best out of this great sport. We are the first site that is for and made by swimmers and triathletes. Featuring a new multi tiered website that will be iPhone and other mobile communication mediums configured - download the APP


We are focused on what you need, Swim–Trainer.com is more than just a shop but a community that wants to help all our readers get better, enjoy and share knowledge with fellow swimmers. Combining the Internet shopping of swim watches-computers (other great technology to the basics) with training plans and community blog for athletes, coaches, and the swimming public. The Apps involve fee-paying services known as Gold and Basic which is free.


Our prices are the best as we are based in Luxembourg with the lowest sales, must, and vat rates in Europe so you the consumer will pocket the difference not us –that’s our promise. Try our prices!


In 2009 came the first Swim Computer watches and they have revolutionalised the whole way a swimmer on any level can approach swimming and analyse what they are doing – gone has the trainer with the chronometer who can make the stats. These watch computers have empowered you to do programmes, get the real statistical information and concentrate on how to improve. Combined with our amazing Swim Databank APP you are the trainer now.


Swimovate and Finis range of computer watches give you this and more


  • Automatically counting your laps
  • Number of strokes
  • Calculating your speed,
  • Distance,
  • Calories 
  • Swimming Efficiency-SWOLF (the true barometer)
  • Distance per Stroke 
  • Stroke Rate*
  • Stroke type

*Finis dynamics


Displaying on the watch, you will download all this data effortlessly to your PC so you can analyse your progress on our Swim Databank APP.


Swim-Trainer.Com is proud to be offered by the two leading swim manufacturers to be part of their worldwide distribution focusing on Europe and Worldwide. Our great relationship with them on these computers led us to ask why can’t they do more and share more? So we made our own amazing application the Swim Data Bank that allows the swimmer to analyse far further their information, in different timeframes and to share & compare it with your coach, your club and swimmers you meet on our community blog (only our software app can do this). We also made our own Training Plan application as well so you can have daily plans that have been designed for different abilities.


Swim-Trainer Race iPhone game available on the App Store

App 3D iPhone Game: Lastly for the swimmer who wants to train even out of the water the first 3D iPhone game based on the computer watch metrics so that you to can swim in the world championships- We all have to relax and have fun!




The website is in a number of key European Worldwide languages in the shopping and introduction parts only.


Basic membership is free


Gold – will store their data on the server so you the swimmer can analyse this anywhere, anyplace on your I phone, laptop, pc


Gold membership is fee paying--free trail periods, great pricing –get the APP for less than 1 euro a week- sorry we need to live too but we are doing it 4 the love of swimming.


Our Site has the following areas

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